Beginning of Urang

Jina the founder, was an ordinary woman that loved to spend her well-earned salary on skincare products. One day she learned that there were ingredients that could possibly be harmful to the body inside those products. She started to study in-depth about natural & organic skincare ingredients that are beneficial to the skin. Jina knew that this is what she loved to do, so she became an aromatherapist and the first products were made for her family. Jina decided to launch URANG to share her love and sincerity with the rest of the world. Jina formulates the unique recipes, evaluates every ingredient and carefully selects those that work best for URANG.

The hand-selected ingredients are chosen if it meets our clean high-quality standards to bring out the best healthiest results for our customers. We are picky when it comes to the right ingredients because we believe every part of our products must be made with love and sincerity. We believe making the products with love brings out the quality and with music sends out a positive vibe. We want to be different, we are unique in our own way.


Made with Love & Music

Made with Love
We hand-pick our ingredients to formulate the best quality skincare. Every ingredient is specifically evaluated on how they were grown and what kind of environment it was grown in. Every part of the ingredient was thought of before adding to our unique clean formula. With all this effort going into the ingredients, we can proudly say our products are Made With Love.

Made with Music
Our products are made in a music-filled positive environment. According to the music-plant experiment, plants grow better with positive music in the background and positive words. With that theory, we play music in the manufacturing process so that our products are made and delivered with a positive vibe. Our products are Made With Music.